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Our 'Stash'
We now have a 'stash' for creative resources.
See if we have something you need for that project.
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Be Bold event -- Friday April 7th, 2017
in the evening from 5:30 pm till 9 pm.
Experience an evening of glamour with us, enjoying local creativity in this collective hosted by YGK Loft and Passionate Artisans at 28 Bath Road. Take and opportunity to attend each experience throughout the evening, all included in your ticket. 

Photo Shoot
Indulge in a glam & sassy mini-photo session with your friends or family member!

Creative Henna​​
Our artisan Heather Kushum Sheedy will allow you to chose an elegant design for your hands, arms or wherever you'd like!  Choose the creative design that suits your personality and style. Henna tattoos will last about a week depending on the design

Picture Perfect
Create an ornate local handmade frame with paints, jewels and other mixed media. Our artisans are happy to guide your creativity! Take home your frame and use it as the perfect place to show off your fresh new photos.

Tickets are 25 dollars (plus taxes) per adult and include each experience, project materials, refreshments and appetizers. Ticket quantities are limited.
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Sharon Robinson - Tutus

Colouring Contest
We had a Halloween  colouring contest with a hand made costume as the prize. The winner was Barb...

Annette Bruneau - Night Light