We are a collective of creative artisans who are business minded and recognize that, like us, many artisans would like to showcase their work in a professionally dedicated retail environment, without having to be there ourselves.

Our Commitment - We will continually strive to inspire, promote and connect each of our artisans with our clientele. We are committed to ensuring that every visit feels like a new and delightful one while highlighting the uniqueness and talents that each of our artisans displays.

Passionate Artisans is centrally located at 28 Bath Road, in the Williamsville District of Kingston. Stop by and find out why it is happy and quirky with great sales people to help you fill your desires. Also be sure to check out our special events and 'Meet the Artisan' on Sundays.

Spring Store Hours:
Monday to Friday - 10am to 5:30pm
Saturday - 10am - 5pm
Sunday - 12noon - 4pm

How We Work...

We work our sales on a 60%/40% basis to the artist with a $20 per month advertising fee...and we encourage our artists to promote on their own social media.

As we are a collective of creative artisans we support each other by coming into the store regularly to keep acquainted with other artists, events and meeting customers while they shop....folk love to chat with the artists and learn more about their work!